Hilma Biocare: famous brand − new look!

The new packaging makes Hilma Biocare products more attractive, and also protect them from counterfeiting. One of the stages of protection is code system and another stage is the holographic seal with several angles of refraction. The seal has tamper evident control. The seal cannot be opened without damage.

Visual and tactile elements that distinguish the new packaging from the old one

1. Holographic seal with several degrees of refraction and protection against opening
2. Unique alphanumeric verification code under the scratch coating. Erase coating to see the code
3. Foil elements
4. “Velvet” to the touch coating
5. Raised embossing under the QR code, which leads to hilmabiocare.com
6. Raised embossing under the logo on the front of the box
7. Lettering in tactile Braille

  • 17 Injection products
  • 19 Oral products
  • 8 Peptides products
  • 2 HGH products

Сode Verification System

Another level of protection is the security code system. Each product unit has its own unique alphanumeric code.

Protection code

For injectables and tablets, the security code is situated on the can label of vial or bottle, inside the box. For blister preparations, the code is located on the box. You’ll find code under a protective the scratch-off coating.

Product Verification

Erase the coating, enter the code into check field at Hilma Biocare website www.hilmabiocare.com or scan QR-code on the package to go to the site. Enter the e-mail to which you want to receive a response from the system. You will receive the result of the check by e-mail almost instantly.