HGH (PEN/Liquid)

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Specifications HGH (Pen/Liquid):

Company: Hilma Biocare
Active Half-life (Hours): 2 to 3h
Group: Peptide hormone
Subgroup: Injection
Dosage: 30 mg (90 iu)
Application (Men): 1 to 15 IU
Product pack: 3 ml (Injection Pen)
Content (active): Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
Retains water: Yes
Aromatization: No

Product Description

HGH Somatropin is a recombinant growth hormone (polypeptide hormone) in liquid form, mirroring the composition and effects of natural human growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It is made up of a polypeptide chain with 191 amino acids and is well-tolerated by both men and women.

Human Growth Hormone, known for over half a century, has proven highly effective in treating weight and growth disorders and is widely used for enhancing athletic performance. It promotes protein metabolism by stimulating the transport of amino acids into cells, enhances collagen synthesis, and increases blood glucose levels. Additionally, it aids in the absorption of essential nutrients such as nitrogen and minerals (phosphorus, calcium, sodium).


By using HGH Somatropin athletes can boost metabolism, and wound healing, increase the formation of new muscle cells, straighten bones, joints, and tendons and improve skin healthiness. Additionally, it will support normal sleep rhythm and stimulate energy output due to fat burn.


The most common side effects attributed to Somatropin are lifted Low-density cholesterol levels (LDL), joint pain, organ growth, tunnel vision, and limb numbness.


Consider including insulin and similar protection drugs when using this product.


HGH Somatropin can be safely applied in combination with any AAS.

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