About Hilma BiocareTM

Hilma Biocare is a European scientific and research pharmaceutical and biotechnology company which cooperates with manufacture site in India and specializing in the development and manufacture of products, intended to improve the quality of life. The main activity of the company is the production of pharmacological substances.

diler Hilma Biocare
  • 17 Injection products
  • 19 Oral products
  • 8 Peptides products
  • 2 HGH products

Our professionals comply with all the necessary standards for the production of medicines to give our customers the highest quality products. All our products undergo clinical trials before being released to the market.

The company’s product portfolio includes about 45 drugs, more than 45% of which are included in the list of vital medicines. These medicines belong to the main pharmacotherapeutic directions and are produced in full compliance with GMP standards.

The company’s product line includes medicines used in testosterone therapy, antitumor therapy, cancer prevention, treatment of erectile dysfunction after surgical rehabilitation.

The company relies on the modernization and expansion of production technologies. It is constantly developing new technologies, including digital ones. The company achieves ever higher results, both in the production and sales of finished products, from year to year.

Extensive experience
in the production of medicines

  • 3 Laboratories
  • 9 Production lines
  • 46 Genuine products
  • 8 Years of experience

Our key focus is generic products. The team of professional pharmacists is taking care of the quality of the production process to offer high-quality products to customers. We do clinical tests for all of our products before placing them on the market.

Hilma Biocare produces only high-quality medicaments that are available at a reasonable price, based on the purchasing ability of ordinary citizens.

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